Dave Gill

I have not done much to make this a very entertaining website but things can change. Just know that I like a very brutal style... But one of my goals for completely rewriting my websites was to attempt to do so with the use of just command line tools. No GUI, no IDE. Just me and the bash prompt.I do not really have a good reason for doing so. Jusy wanted to try something different.

My last website I wanted to just provide technical stuff I was doing or was interested in. You know to supplement my CV and to show to potential employers. Now I really do not care so I am putting anything that comes to mind on this site. And if you want to read it fine. If not then go away... Who cares really.

I am also trying to create the site with the least amount of colour... So do not be expecting no fancy images or anything like that.. Just pure text... That should put most of you off at least.