This website project

For a long time I have wanted to just write the simplest possible website, i.e. going way back to just plain old HTML/CSS and very little in the way of images. The result is this website which is about as easy to build as I can possibly imagine.

There is one index.html file that I put together in a miniscule amount of time ( I dont actually recall). It took me longer to setup the Raspberry PI it is running on to act as a webserver. So now when I want to create a new page I simply copy the index.html file and then change it.

And that is where the first complication comes. I am lazy but I dont like repeating myself and copy and paste is the worst kind of duplication. So now I need some way of including portions of the website (like the menu) without having to have the same code in all files. So now I want to look at Server Side Includes so I can be super lazy. And that again was just a bit of apache wrangling on the server. Nothing too onerous at all.

And then there is the deployment. So simple to move files across to a new box.

One of the things I do want to look at is how fast the page loads. It is running on a Model B Raspberry PI and I am intrigued what speed settings it would get from lighthouse.

UPDATE:I ran a lighthouse audit against the site and it got 97. I am not sure why not 100 possibly because it is an old Raspberry PI, not sure really. But happy with that.

Today is Sunday December 10, 2023 This document last modified Friday March 11, 2022