Keeping things Simple

When I started out in development (many years ago) I wanted to write everything myself. I did not want to use any shortcuts or use other tools that would cue the time. I wanted to write those tools. And then use them myself. This was also supported by a need. I started to develop at the age of 11 when the internet was probably just another military secret. So coding things yourself was almost essential. Books were great but only got you so far.

However, as I have got older (not convinced wiser) I have got more and more lazy and see very little merit in building something when someone else is already done most of the work for you. So on my latest project I am going for very simple metric. Write as little of your on code as possible. Less chance of you adding errors that way.

It also means that you can go quicker to market than if you are trying to hand code everything. The purist in me (buried very deep) tells me that I could probably do a better job that would suit the needs of the business better. But, and this is something that only experience brings, the business I am working for don’t actually care what the technical underpinnings of the solution are. They want their solution and they will want it to be easy to maintain.

This causes a couple of problems. One writing simple code with few lines of code is incredibly difficult to do and those young developers that work for you are going to rebel and want to move on to some other more exciting (i.e. writing more code) project. But one day I am hoping they will also see that writing all of this code is only worth it when you really have to.

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