So I am a firm believer in trying to learn a new computer language each year and so this year I am trying Clojure. And trying is probably the best I can do.

The last time I used a Lisp was back at University and rarely got above trivial. So I have come to it almost fresh. I have to say the concepts are fine and I like the idea of functional programming and the immutability but as soon as it gets away from the elementary level I struggle to get my head around it all.

I have bought books (4 in fact) and have been trying theclojure koansand also the 4clojure web site but still struggle with anything from the more difficult sections.

So at the moment I am the ignorant apprentice waiting for the “ah ah” moment of Clojure enlightenment. I am yet to get to the despondent stage where I give up but feel it is not too far away.