Ramblings on C

Many years ago when I started on my programming journey I heard (I am not sure how as the internet was still a military play thing) about a marvellous programming language called C. It was not something that I could readily access on the computers that were available to me ( an Oric 1 at Home and a BBC master at school) so I continued down the road of learning Basic. But I always wanted to discover this C language and what you could do with it.

After school I eventually landed in University where my hope of learning C was dashed when we were introduced to Pascal, Delphi and C++, Smalltalk and Lisp. I liked the first three and eventually ended up making a living using Delphi. But there was an hankering for the Purity of C. To me it was the promised land. So I had to start my search myself.

These ramblings are the story of my journey.

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